Loft Ark


  • Suitable for 3 – 6 laying hens
  •  Hand made from pressure treated timber throughout. Clad in 22mm thick pressure treated smooth planed shiplap timber.
  •  Rear access to nest boxes for easy egg collection
  •  Comes complete with 1 large nest box
  •  Comes complete with perching/roosting bars with rounded edges
  •  Removable side panel for easy cleaning
  •  Removable perching for easy cleaning
  •  Drop down pop hole and ladder operated from outside of ark for convenience
  •  Sturdy carry handles for easy mobility.
  •  Roof ridge ventilation.
  •  Run covered with strong 1 inch square heavy gauge weld mesh (NOT chicken wire!!)
  •  Large access door to run area
  •  Dimensions: 1.2m wide x 1.8m long x 1.1m high

Delivery: Delivered assembled except for handles which are removed for transport and are easily screwed back in place – screws provided.

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The Loft ark combines house and run in one unit with the housing accommodation above the run. This gives the advantage of offering a covered run area which gives shelter to the birds and also keeps feed dry from the rain. The Loft has all the features that make keeping hens easy such as large side access panel and removable perching for cleaning and egg collection door for easy egg collection.

The ark can be moved to a new area of grass every couple of days which makes it ideal for those who want to keep a few hens in the garden without letting them take over.

Most importantly however as with all our products, the Loft is a secure, sturdy, well constructed product that ensures the welfare of your hens and will last you for many years.

The recommended number of chickens relates to the roosting area of the house so if you wish to keep the hens confined to the ark at all times it is recommended you maybe keep 3 hens. If however you have an area for them to range in then the ark will comfortably house 5 or 6.

Please note: the Loft arks is delivered assembled (unless otherwise requested by customer) but with handles removed for transport – handles can be fitted once delivered.