Alp Ark on Stand


  • The stand raises the alp ark off the ground by approx 18″ (45cm) which provides an area for the birds to shelter from sun and rain during the day and also provides a covered area to hang feeders and drinkers.
  • The increased height also means you do not need to stoop down for cleaning and egg collection.
  • Classic tried and tested design
  • Hand made from pressure treated timber throughout. Clad in 22mm thick pressure treated smooth planed shiplap timber.
  • Rear access to nest boxes for easy egg collection
  • Comes complete with 2 nesting boxes
  • Comes complete with perching/roosting bars with rounded edges.
  • Removable side panel for easy cleaning
  • Sliding pophole front door
  • Sturdy carry handles for easy mobility.
  • Roof ridge ventilation.
  • Hold 4 to 6 hens
  • Dimensions:
    1m wide x 1.34m high(including stand) x 1.1m long
    39.5inch wide x 53inch high (including stand)  x 44inch long

Delivery: Delivered assembled.

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The Alp ark  is based on the classic ark design that has been used by poultry keepers for many many years.

It is packed with features to make the housing user friendly for both poultry and the keeper alike.

When coupled with our runs these arks make ideal accommodation for those who want to keep a few hens in the back garden or for a more free range set up the ark can be placed within a secure garden on its own.

Most importantly however as with all our products, the Alps are a secure, sturdy, well constructed product that ensure the welfare of your hens and will last you for many years.

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